Transform Customer Experience. Explore synergies, uniting MarTech, AdTech, and Customer Helpdesk

FirstHive enables all your customer data to be available in a single interface. No coding required. Build hyper targeted segments using real-time data, and drive campaigns that actually matter.

Driven by Data?

Access only relevant data, in real-time. Unlock insights and create segments using a variety of attributes, behaviors, and tags.

Predictive Recommendations that your customers care about

No more spamming your customers with sub optimal communication. No matter which channel your customer chooses, you drive conversations with clear communication. Stay relevant and contextual with in-built machine learning algorithms which predict recommendations using patterns emerging from their preferred channel, using the specific content, triggered at a time when they are most likely to convert.

Cross-Channel Campaign & Journey Orchestration

Your central
marketing brain

FirstHive empowers a brand to orchestrate its customer engagement journeys in real time. Conversations with the customer can now be seamless, cross channel & consistently relevant.

Plays well by
itself or with others

Drive engagement using your existing tool stack, or leverage our native capaibilities to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while still being in control of your ROI delivered.

Know what
is working

With detailed analytics available across all channels and campaigns in every journey, FirstHive gives you insights into precisely what is working, so you can amplify that

Learn how a leading Mutual Fund house leveraged FirstHive to drive a Single Customer View for their marketing teams

Build Loyalty &
Discover Opportunities

Talk to a FirstHive expert today to unify your customer data and strategize your marketing efforts.